Star City Syndicate


Chris Morton

Chris Morton is the poster child for the concept of being in the right place at the right time.  After growing up playing the drums in his grandfather’s small Pentecostal church, Chris was lucky enough to be hired by Larry Hall to work at his former music teacher’s music store.  This led to years of work as a “mercenary musician,” sitting in with bands of every conceivable style while their regular drummer was sick or away or (on two notable occasions) in jail.  During a random gig in 2010 with Mark Shaw and Brian Mosher, Chris latched on to Brian’s suggestion that someday they form a Motown band with a horn section.  Six years later, Chris found himself in the possession of a centrally-located rehearsal space (a music store) and at a job where he routinely mingled with all of his musician friends.  In acknowledgement of this, he scheduled a rehearsal for a Motown band and invited all of his friends.  Somehow The Syndicate happened.  He’s still not sure how, but every day he’s grateful.