Star City Syndicate


Brian Mosher

Founding Syndicate member Brian Mosher is an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter who occasionally finds himself backing up other accomplished singer-songwriters.  While playing in a pick-up band around 2010 with Mark Shaw and Chris Morton, Brian remarked that it would be fun to play Motown songs with a horn section.  Six years later, the dream came to fruition as he and nearly a dozen other local musicians came together to attempt to form such a band.  The lead vocalist and founding member of the band Common Crossing, Brian eagerly seeks to find roles in the Syndicate that make the band sound as good as it possibly can, whether it’s supporting keyboards on one song, melodic and singing lead guitar solos on others, or carefully crafted backing vocals on yet others.  His knowledge of classic and Motown songs and artists is frighteningly deep, and his knack for putting the polish on Syndicate songs is one of the band’s greatest strengths.