Star City Syndicate


Kyle Goupille

Kyle Goupille, former student of fellow Syndicate member Kevin Kinsey, was recently honored with being chosen as the principle soloist with the University of Maine in Orono’s Symphonic Band.  As a senior trumpet major in UMaine’s band program, Kyle has played with (and often starred in) many ensembles and bands extending to cover many different branches and styles of music.  However, he can often be found feeding his soul side by blaring out lead trumpet with local high school pep bands alongside his friend and fellow Syndicate member Pat Kinsey.  His skill and likeable personality netted him an invitation to sit in on a Syndicate rehearsal, which in turn became an open invitation to play at any and all Star City Syndicate performances.  A quiet-natured powerhouse, Kyle is known for kicking his lead parts up a full octave from the written page and smoothly and masterfully soloing in the band’s occasional blues jams.  We’re proud and honored to have him aboard.