Star City Syndicate


Larry Hall

Larry Hall’s first instrumental performance was at the tender age at 7 in the Thomas Park Bandstand constructed by his grandfather.  His pursuit of music led him to accept a teaching position in Ashland, where he served as the sole music teacher for both the elementary and the high school from 1962 to 1999.  Upon retiring from teaching, he was approached to manage a music store in Presque Isle called Aroostook Music Company and serve as the store’s band instrument technician.  When the owner of Aroostook Music closed the company, Mr. Hall joined with his two former employees to form a new music store called KMH Music (he’s the ‘H’).  In 2014, Ashland District School recognized his indelible impact on generations of students by dedicating their performing arts auditorium in his honor.  His former students fondly refer to it as “The Larry Hall.”

In addition to creating and managing his community chorus The Aroostook River Voices, Mr. Hall somehow found the time to play trombone with and write arrangements for The Star City Syndicate.  During pauses in rehearsals, he was often found quietly leading sectionals for the trombone section and tweaking the parts to perfection.

Mr. Hall passed away in June of 2018.  But he will forever be a part of The Syndicate.  We love him a lot.  If you listen closely, you can hear us honor him every time we sing our version of “Saturday In The Park.”  We hope you’ll remember him too.