Star City Syndicate


Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw has been a singer and songwriter for all of his adult life.  Much of the nucleus of the Syndicate met as members of his band Mark Shaw and the Airwaves.  Brian Mosher and Chris Morton were lucky enough to be part of that band.  One day during a concert in Riverside Park, Brian, Mark, and Chris discussed how much fun it would be to start a Motown band.  Several years later, Mark stopped by the music store where Chris worked and was startled to be informed he was the founding member of a Motown band that was meeting the following Tuesday night for rehearsal.  (This does not happen often to the average bear, but it’s not at all surprising that it would happen to Mark Shaw, if you have the privilege of knowing Mark Shaw.)
As a vocalist and guitarist in the Syndicate, Mark exudes soul.  In addition to his skillful lead vocals, Mark’s backing harmonies turn the Syndicate’s songs into joyful and exuberant jams that crowds love.  He resides in Mapleton with his wife Jackie and their artistically talented children.  Mark occasionally performs original and unoriginal music with his daughter as ‘Jo and the Moonlighters.’  He enjoys long walks on the beach and poking things with a stick